Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Get the life you love and live it

I am glad to write this review about one of the best books I ever read. We all dream of a better life with 100 % satisfaction but still I am searching for a single person who is fully satisfied with his/her life. When we don’t have a bicycle we dream for it, once we have it, we dream for a motorbike, once we have it we dream for a car and so on… our needs are going to increase day by day.

During this race of achieving, we are always searching for something which really gives happiness. In our life we wish to do something but we stop our self to do so by thinking various factors. Let’s say…when we go out and see one mentally disorder person moving around without clothes. What we can do? We think to help him or we think to go beside him and put some clothes on his body. But something in our mind stops us to do so. Can you say why???

You will find all the answers to such questions in this book. You will get to live the life you dreamed of. This book is perfect gift for:

• People who are in a rut in their lives
• Anyone looking to change jobs
• Single people who have given up on finding someone
• People in a relationship who want to make it even better
• Children who want to aspire to be the best
• Ex-wives / ex-girlfriends / ex-husbands / ex-boyfriends
• Business owners who want to excel and finally begin to succeed
• Coaches looking to support their clients with proven strategies
• Your work colleagues, employees and suppliers

I am heartily thankful to Arvind Devalia who is the best selling author of this book. I learned a lot from him and am still learning new thing which will help me to make this life better.

To know more about this book please visits this website: GET THE LIFE YOU LOVE and live it


krishna jani said...

hi jigs you have really created a nice blog thanks for sharing some of the most thoughtful posts with all

Jigs said...

hey krishna, thanks for your feedback..i really appreciate your suggestion to make this blog more informative :)