Friday, January 29, 2010

Operation Pavagadh Clean By Group of Ahmedabad

You will find various articles and news about global warming and pollution in daily news papers. But do we really care about our natural resources? Do we really deserve what we are getting from nature?

I would like to share some snaps that demonstrate the real situation in current scenario. Check below snap of Pavagadh Mountain near Baroda. This place is very popular due to temple of Goddess Mahakali.

People visiting this place are throwing plastics and materials into the valley and spoiling the greatest gift of nature. But there are few people who are very conscious about this pollution and took immediate action to remove such plastics and materials from the mountain.

Below snaps shows the humble steps taken by group of business men from Ahmedabad. They visited Pavagadh Mountain with huge bags and collected garbage from the staircase and surroundings areas.

The above step is really inspirational and giving very important message to the people who throws their garbage on the road and public places. But I am very upset to know that the authority of Pavagadh temple did not give good response and this is what they said “yeh sab to chalta raheta hai, ham kya kar sakte hai!!!”

I am thankful to Mr.Shailesh Mistry for providing these snaps; he is one of them who took this wonderful cleaning operation at Pavagadh Mountain.


ShaileshMistry said...

Hi Jigs!

Thanks for the posting this for awareness of public interest!

I request everyone to do something to save this world, a bit will be valuable from each one of us.

My humble request you all to do something for our world, nature, and for our next generation as well.

If any one would like to join our next mission feel free to inform us via this post along with your contact details, we will surely get back to you for the same.

Shailesh Mistry